Automated Crypto Trading Bot for a Bear and Bull market

Let our CryptoWaveBot trade PROFITABLY for you, using our expertly picked coin list while you relax.

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CryptoWaveBot Advantages

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The bots can be set up for profitable trades without any prior knowledge on your part. They are deployed automatically using expert investment strategies.

Investment in your Hands

Unlike investment funds, you can always withdraw all your crypto as it’s in your crypto account 

Risk Management

You would not want to lose 60% of your investment with just few bad trades. CryptoWaveBot has the best risk management intelligence incorporated in its bots.

About us

Our team of crypto bot trading specialists have years of trading crypto experience, crypto analysis and managing and configuring crypto bots. We are also the team behind BestRankedCrypto with many thousands of Twitter followers who rely on us for price targets and analysis. At CryptoWaveBot, we have developed crypto bot trading strategies that work both in a bull and bear market. In addition, we have developed metrics, ranking methods to select the best coins to trade resulting in strong performance gains of the bot, namely 19.76% gains over last 5 weeks. See screenshot of a live CryptoWaveBot account and strategy running on the popular CryptoHopper platform doing automated buying and selling of crypto.
Our mission: To help our members to trade profitably using bot trading in a simple yet stress free way.

Trade like a Pro

Let Powerful cryptocurrency trading bots trade for you while you relax.
With our automatic systems, hand-selected premium and elite signals,
supplied via our expert traders, you may remove emotion from your
trading and increase your profits.

Bear Bot

Crypto trading bot designed to generate profitable trades in a bear
market by taking advantages of drops and recovery

Bull Bot

Crypto trading bot designed to more aggressively generate profitable trades in a rising crypto market.

Coin List

The bots make use of CryptoHopper's trading platform which supports all major crypto exchanges including Binance, FTX, KuCoin and many others. The coin list is a list of coins that the crypto bot uses for automated buying and selling. The coin list is generated with algorithms and then further hand selected to gain optimum profits. The coin list is a key part of CryptoWaveBot's success. Join or follow our free Discord/Telegram/Twitter to find out more.


Bot + Coin List



Best Value
  • Free CryptoWaveBot Bot and strategy included (normally costs $59)
  • Expertly picked coin list optimised on volume and price parameters to boost profits
  • Ongoing Customer Support and updates to the Bot
  • Ongoing Customer Support and updates to the coin list
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Bot Only



  • CryptoWaveBot Bot and strategy
  • 3 months Customer Support
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Works like a charm, amazing strategy to invest my money and fight inflation.

Joseph Wise


This is the only bot that really manages to make me money, and I've tried a lot of them.

Chris Allen


I am impressed with the results of this trading strategy.

Corey Garrison


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Right now the cheapest CryptoHopper sub required is Explorer

Once your trading bot is set up it will perform a buy and sell automatically of crypto based on CryptoWaveBot strategy. The strategy uses combination of volume and moving averages to buy the crypto.

Roughly every 2 to 3 days

We support all of the popular crypto exchanges including Binance, Coinbase Pro, FTX, KuCoin, Poloniex, HitBTC, Bybit, Bittrex,, Bitfinex, Kraken and many others.

CryptoWaveBot takes advantage of the recovery bounce while in a bear market. In addition, tight stop loss is used to limit any downside risk.

As CryptoWaveBot uses CryptoHopper platform, your funds will always remain on the exchange. Cryptohopper connects with your exchange by using API Keys.

Simply send us a message on CryptoWaveBot's public Twitter, Telegram or Discord channel. Links can be found on the top right of our website -